Privacy Flyer - Create a Privacy Flyer® without worry of the Dark Side.      

Flyers have always been an effective tool for selling an unwanted item in your garage, or renting a room, finding your lost pet, advertising your services, announcing a party..... Also now digital flyers are widely found in social media and email.

But in today's world your flyer in public and over the Internet can result in an annoyance to a serious problem or sometimes a danger. With the Internet in the wrong hands, the flyer with your name or one or more forms of your contact info could lead to phishing, spam, identity theft, to digital or actual stalking.

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  Using Privacy Flyer allows you to make your flyer without personal information.  

Privacy Flyers have two easy ways for someone seeing your flyer to quickly get a message to you.

Your privacy is further protected in that even when you receive their message they still don't know your name or contact info. You make the decision whether to contact them back.
  - message screening for your safety

- add a video link to your paper flyer

- businesses: track location activity

- create your flyer on paper, JPG, or PDF for mass printing or social media

- no need for personal info

          keep it SAFE!!!!

Privacy Flyer® is owned by Pennington Technical Arts LLC whose technology is being used by
Pet Search and Rescue, Inc 501(c)(3) non-profit for the use of lost and found pet flyers.

whatever the subject -
whatever the need -
message screening for your safety -
add a video link to your paper flyer -
new! businesses: track location activity -
create your flyer on paper, JPG or PDF -
no need for personal info -
keep it SAFE!!!

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Flyers have many different purposes and the most popular are
  - posting your lost pet
  - selling something you no longer want
  - jobs
  - events/parties.
Privacy Flyer allows you to post a flyer in neighborhoods where you think will be most effective without having to include your personal contact info so that the dark side won't be collecting your name, address, email, or phone etc

People communicate with you via our system without knowing who you are.
So you, as the flyer maker, decide who you want to respond to.

For a given time frame, we maintain your flyer and handle the communication and your privacy. We require for this service a PayPal tax deductible donation
to Pet Search and Rescue, Inc - a pet rescue helper non-profit 501(c)(3)
Pet Search and Rescue, Inc events video
    Chicago Tribune Article
    TV News success story
    Texas Newspaper coverage

The PayPal Donate button is built into the flyer form you fill out.

Privacy Flyer® - "Anytime you need to make a flyer!!"

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